Do you sell any financial or investment products like annuities or insurance that make you commission?

No!  In fact, we are “Fee-Only” financial advisors.  The term “Fee-Only” (or fee-for-service) refers to how an advisor is compensated. A fee-only advisor is paid directly by their client, and does not earn commission of any kind for product sales or referrals. It is the only method of advisor compensation that is transparent, objective, and minimizes conflicts of interest. In addition, a fee-only advisor must act in their clients best interest as a fiduciary 100% of the time. 

What does it mean to be a fiduciary? 

Under the fiduciary standard, advisors are legally sworn and obligated to always place the best interest of their client ahead of their own. They must disclose any conflicts of interest, and clearly define how they are paid.  All advisors at Bird Spring Financial are fiduciaries.

I do not live in Las Vegas. Can I still work with you? 

Although we are based in Las Vegas, NV we work with clients throughout the country.  We are not bound by geography when working with you.  We seek out clients who are the best fit for our firm, regardless of where they are located.

Do you work remotely/virtually?  

We work with clients throughout the country using virtual meetings, conference calls, e-mails, secure file transfer, and an integrated suite of client service and financial software. You do not need to be local to work with our firm.  

Of course we are happy to meet face to face if you are nearby.

Your website says that you specialize in working with millennials and business owners. I am neither of those. Will you still work with me?

While we have a specific experience and a process for working with business owners, we can likely work with anyone who values financial planning. Contact us so we can learn more about each other.

How often will we meet? 

Second opinions and simpler cases can be handled with 1 or 2 meetings. For the comprehensive financial plan expect 3+ meetings for us to go through all of your finances and give you time to stress test assumptions and run through more scenarios.

Where will my assets be held? 

Assets are always held at an outside custodian. You do not need to move assets to work with us and are happy to work with a custodian of your choosing or recommend you a custodian.

What process and timeline can I expect when I become a client? 

First, we’ll have a free consultation where we get to know each other, your needs, and determine if we are a good fit for working together. You may be asked to upload some documents to our secure client portal to better understand your situation before receiving an estimate. Then you’ll receive a written engagement letter for your review and we can start working!

Second opinions generally take 1-3 weeks to complete from initial consultation. Financial plans: 1-3 months. Tax depends on complexity and we work to ensure you are compliant with all deadlines.

We are available to expedite work if required.

Do you offer a free consultation? 

We offer a complimentary consultation by virtual meeting, phone call, or in person by appointment. During the meeting, we will discuss what brought you to seek out a financial planner, get to know one another, and answer any questions you may have surrounding our services or your financial planning needs. 

I am ready to have a conversation. How do we start? 

Work without Meeting

Contact matteo@birdspringfinancial.com if you would like to explore working together without directly meeting.

Please note, not all situations can be responsibly handled without having some conversation and collaborative meetings.